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Lamb Street Food

We are open all days of the week from 11:00 - 21:00 We have a private room for up to 30 people, for more information, contact us at Since opening, Lamb Street Food has sought to be a plastic-free place, sorting all rubbish and organic waste in collaboration with Flokka. We strive to use as environmentally friendly packaging as we can and have from the beginning worked against food waste, both by streamlining the service and by inviting our guests to take leftovers from restaurants home if necessary. Icelandic nature, clean air and clean water are the home of Icelandic lamb and prerequisites for the quality of Icelandic lamb

Lamb, skyr and flatbread are ingredients intertwined with Iceland's food culture and history that should be kept alive. But the food culture is further shaped by foreign influences, as a curious fusion adapts to the tastes of consumers today. LAMB's ideology is precisely to honor Ramm Icelandic traditions and fuse them with centuries-old eating habits in the Middle East. The purpose is to adapt cuisine to changing eating habits, honor the food tradition and support local food production. We make our daily sauces from skyr and olive oil. We use fresh herbs, coriander and parsley and colorful fragrant super spices such as turmeric, chili, ginger, sumac, zaatar. We bake our own flatbread in the tissues that we roll up with various vegetable mixes of Icelandic quality lamb kebab or for example falafel.

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