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The Sky Lagoon & Northern Lights

Start your journey at the latest amazing Geothermal Spa in Iceland.

Immerse yourself in warmth at the oceanside geothermal lagoon. The dramatic North Atlantic Ocean stretches out before you. Above, glowing sunsets and stormy skies dazzle, and sometimes the dancing Northern Lights put on a stunning all-natural show. Sky Lagoon is about that Icelandic feeling of warmth and wonder. Join us for rejuvenation and inspiration at the edge of the world.

After the unique bath, we will take you back to Reykjavík where you will have free time before you go to see the glory of the northern lights in Iceland! A truly unforgettable experience!

Our tour takes you to see a spectacular phenomenon which can be seen from late August to mid-April. The northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are caused by the interaction of particles from the sun with the upper atmosphere near the Magnetic Pole.

But where do we take you?

Our experts decide where the best location is each night, so the exact route is not known in advance. One of the most important factors is that we go away from the city lights. Based on the weather and aurora forecast, we decide if it is worth going at all. If yes, our experts decide on the best place to go.

Best price guarantee
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12 Minimum age: 12 years
What is included
  • Bus Fare
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Professional Local Guide
  • Entrance ticket for Sky Lagoon 
  • Towel
  • 7-Step Spa Ritual
Important information
  • Swimsuit
  • Dress according to weather for the Northern Lights Tour 

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