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ATV & Northern Lights


The tour begins after the sun has fully set and the darkness takes over the Icelandic sky. The sun is quite shy here in winter, so it‘s a good thing our ATVs are equipped to handle the snow & darkness. Your keen sense of adventure is just about as important as those mittens on your hands for this tour. Your Safari Quads Guide will meet you at your hotel accommodation to take you to our Safari Quads base camp where the excitement begins. Before we hit the off-road trails in our natural playground, our guides will teach you how to operate the bikes and discuss safety instructions. Once everyone is geared up and ready to go, we head out for our adventure up to Hafrafjall mountain and beyond. The ATV tour is one full hour out on the trails that cut through the ruggedly beautiful Icelandic landscape. After the tour, we relax, defrost and enjoy a hot cup of coffee then afterward drop you off at your accommodation. Since this activity is a combination tour, will you have a break in between tours? Our guide will bring you back downtown after the ATV adventure and will be more than happy to give you suggestions about what to see in Reykjavik and what you can explore until your next activity Northern lights @20:00 Gray Line bus station for part two of your excursion.


Northern Lights Iceland

See the glory of the northern lights in Iceland! Unforgettable experience!

Our tour takes you to see a spectacular phenomenon that can be seen from late August to mid-April. The northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are caused by the interaction of particles from the sun with the upper atmosphere near the Magnetic Pole.

Why take a guided tour to see the northern lights in Iceland?

Choosing a guided tour increases your chances of seeing the northern lights in Iceland. Our team of experts reviews and studies the weather, locations and aurora forecast on a daily basis to determine if the odds are in our favor.

The tour is weather-dependent and sightings are not guaranteed. However, you will experience Icelandic nature during the night, the Milky Way, stars, moon, clouds, and total darkness. Please note that indicated return times can vary.

If you don‘t see any northern lights during this tour, you are invited to join the tour again, free of charge.

Passengers can buy waffles and hot drinks on-site, at an extra cost, when available, to enjoy while looking up into the sky.*  *Waffles and hot drinks are only available on the 21:00 departure.

Where do we go to see the northern lights in Iceland?

Our experts decide where the best location is each night so the exact route is not known in advance. One of the most important factors is that we go away from the city lights. Based on the weather and aurora forecast, we decide if it is worth going at all. If yes, our experts decide on the best place to go.

What to expect on your northern lights tour:

It may be cold outside even though our buses are warm and comfortable. You will have plenty of time to take photos and therefore we recommend that you dress warmly and wear sturdy shoes. We recommend three layers, a cap, gloves, warm socks, and a warm jacket.

Despite all our efforts, we cannot guarantee that you will see the aurora. If we do NOT see northern lights on the tour, passengers can rebook for another evening.

When we go on the tour and we do not see the northern lights, a refund is not possible.

Your rebook ticket is only valid for you, you can not assign your ticket to someone else.

The tours are planned using larger buses, so large groups. Small group tours are also available - see Northern Lights - Small Group Tour.

You will get some basic information from our guides on how to get the best pictures of the lights.

Our guides are experts in the aurora, where to hunt them down, and how to take pictures of the lights, so please do not hesitate to ask them about the northern lights or for assistance with your photography.

Children are welcome on the tour, however, this can be a long and cold night and therefore it may not be suitable for children younger than 6 years old.

Please note that looking for the aurora is a hunting tour. Civilization is left behind (including conventional WCs) in order to increase our chances of seeing the aurora. Auroras are best seen outdoors at night in Iceland’s winter. Your personal well-being on the tour depends on your own clothing.

Additional information:

Remember to dress warmly.

This tour depends on weather and activity, so sightings are not guaranteed.

Indicated return times can vary due to road & weather conditions.

If you don't see any lights on the tour you can re-book again for free.

The tour is scheduled daily, however, we do cancel the tour if the forecast for the weather- and the aurora is not promising enough. When a tour is canceled, those who are booked can change their booking to another date or get a full refund, given that you have not been on the tour before.

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6 Minimum age: 6 years
Free cancellation until 1 day before the departure
Cancellation fees:
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What is included

1 full hour out on the ATV trails

Sightseeing over Reykjavík with stunning views

Hafrafell Mountain summit, Hafravatn Lake

Northern Lights Mystery Tour with Reykjavik excursions

Gear: overalls, helmets, balaclavas, gloves

Pickup & return transfer from your Reykjavík Hotel

Meeting point
PICK-UP is between 17:00-17:30. Please be READY at your hotel lobby at 17:00.
Important information
Good outdoors shoes

Outdoor clothes suitable to the weather conditions

Adventurous spirit!

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